Benoit Cazelles enlumineur contemporainBenoît CAZELLES,

Contemporary Illuminator



Take a unique and refreshing look at illuminations!
Rediscover the breathtaking beauty of BENOÎT CAZELLES’S artwork in his new exhibition of stunning contemporary illuminations. Using the ancient technique of painting on real parchment with natural pigments and gold leaf, this artist creates masterpieces that burst with light, reflections and vitality. Ranging from gold-gilded pebbles the size of postage stamps to his three foot wide paintings with shimmering red and gold flames, the exhibition reflects the creator’s talent and testifies to the relevance of this artform today. Visitors are welcome to meet the artist over the course of the exhibition.

lettrine We come to appreciate the full beauty of the art of illumination when reading Sire Jean Joinville’s biography of King Louis IX of France. Joinville compares the early 14th century illuminated manuscripts with the splendour and riches to be found in the kingdom.


lettrine Illumination is a longstanding artform which invites us to dream and to meditate upon beauty through magnificent shimmering colours, golds, and subtle shades.


lettrine The observer is not only overwhelmed with admiration for the amount of work and patience that the illumination represents, but is also engaged deep in contemplation.


lettrine It is said that Picasso was greatly inspired by Catalonian miniatures and by the symbolism to be found in the pictures. Prior to the first exhibition of Roman frescoes in France shortly after The Great War, Matisse was heard to declare “Had I but known these, it would have spared me twenty years of work”, presumably referring to the internal freedom he would have gained allowing him to turn away from the conventions of academic art. Modern artists, wanting to depart from the beaten track, are seeking freedom in interpretation. This is precisely what is demonstrated by Benoît Cazelles’ work where we find a bold blend of tradition and modernity.

lettrine Benoît Cazelles was born in Versailles in 1974. As a result of his parents’ movements he spent much time abroad in his youth. Through travelling Benoît gained experience of cultures very different from our own, acquired a maturity and open-minded nature, and was filled with a desire to embrace all that is new and unexpected.

lettrine It is in this spirit that he invites us to meditate upon and discover the modernity in his art. The art of illumination, no longer confined to the Mediaeval era, emerges today as an important art form. Its revival in the 21st century bears testimony to its relevance to the modern world. Illumination demands not only a high degree of accuracy, patience and commitment, but also discipline and a steady hand. Benoît combines recent technical innovations with the antique style to bring an original and refreshing dimension to the art, and it is in this unique and contemporary style that his extreme talent as an artist lies. His gold-gilded miniatures on parchment are beautiful jewels to behold. He invites us to view an illumination in a new light, no longer as contained in a book, but as a painting in its own right.


2013 Exposition à Londres du 11 mai au 7 juin
2014 Exposition à Honfleur du 21 juillet au 21 août
Exposition à Avranches du 12 juillet au 10 août
Exposition à Londres du 13 au 25 mai
2013 Exposition à Honfleur (14) du 13 juillet au 25 août
2012 Exposition à la Chapelle de l'Hôpital à Pornic (44) du 1er au 30 septembre
2011 Exposition à la Chapelle de l'Ancien Hôpital à Honfleur (14) du 2 juillet au 28 août
2011 Exposition à Conche en Ouche (27) 5 mars au 2 avril
2010 Exposition à la Chapelle de l'Ancien Hôpital à Honfleur (14) du 9 juillet au 29 août
2009 Exposition à la Cathédrale de St Omer du 14 au 28 juin
2008 Douvres la Délivrande, Normandie (14)
Dol de Bretagne, Ille-et -Vilaine (35)
Mont St Michel, Manche (50)
Pontorson, Manche (50)
2007 Exposition "Feux chantants" - Cour des Boecklin - Bischeim (67) Alsace
2006 Exposition Eglise Notre Dame des Anges. (Paris 75)
Exposition à Roscoff. (Finistère 29)
2005 Musée d’Art Sacré de la Manche. (50)
Notre Dame des champs d’Avranches. Manche (50)
2004 Eglise St Pierre de Montmartre. Paris (75)
2003 Casino de Villers sur Mer. Calvados (14)
Abbaye Blanche. Manche (50)
Mairie de Vienne (Autriche) "Beauté- Espérance" avec plusieurs artistes : Marcel Hasquin, Catherine Chauloux, Jean-Joseph Sanfourche, Marc Clementin, Patrick Chupin
Lavoir des Herbiers. Vendée (85)
Exposition "Entrez dans la Lumière" à l'Abbaye Blanche de Mortain. Manche (50)
2002 Belvédère à Lisieux. Calvados (14)
Abbaye Blanche de Mortain. Avec plusieurs artistes : Marcel Hasquin, Pascale Nouailhat, Richard Rak, Serge Nouailhat, Jules Poullain, Alix des Francs. Manche (50)
2001 Abbaye Blanche de Mortain "L'unité au cœur" avec plusieurs artistes : Akeji, Hassan Massoudy, Rachid Koraïchi, Marcel Hasquin, Lilia Ratner, Pascale Nouailhat, Richard Rak. Manche (50)
Abbaye du Mont des Cats. Nord –Pas-de-Calais (59)
Basilique de Lisieux. Calvados (14
2000 Edition du livre " Thérèse vous parle " 12 poèmes de Ste Thérèse de Lisieux enluminés de 12 frises et de 3 enluminures originales. Aux Editions du Signe Office du Tourisme de Lisieux. Calvados (14)
1999 Stage d'enluminure donné à la Bibliothèque de Troyes. Champagne-Ardenne (10)
Réalisation du " Blason du Sanctuaire de Lisieux " et du Calendrier de l'an 2000 de la revue " Thérèse de Lisieux"
1998 Stage d'enluminure donné à la Bibliothèque de Troyes. Champagne-Ardenne (10)
Lagny sur Marne. Val-de-Marne (94)
Amfreville sur Iton. L’Eure (27)
Bry sur Marne. Val-de-Marne (94)
1996 Exposition " Jeunes Talents " Château Sainte Barbe à Fontenay-aux-Roses. Ile-de-France (92)
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