Friendliness, kindness and charm at the service of painting: such are the enthusiastic qualities of this Normandy artist, who is an original creator full of mastery.

After several years during which abstraction and lyricism enabled her to assert her personality, Jacqueline FOURNIER is devoting herself from now on to a very special realism which she enriches with a more and more creamy touch.

Jacqueline FOURNIER knows her town, Rouen, and she paints it tirelessly with grace and poetry where she expresses her qualities as a painter, but also her sensitivity to the places and movements which she gives life to with precise efficiency. As for her floral compositions, Jacqueline FOURNIER bestows on them supple elegance and vitality which demonstrate her beautiful palette of colours and her ease at composing a general effect which is ideally attractive.

André RUELLAN, Art Critic.

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