Noël LEMOINE - Peinture, Abstrait

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  • portrait
    Born in 1927

    Art(s) : Painting Sculpture Drawing
    Mouvement(s) : Abstract Cubism Figurative Various

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    6, rue Louis Dubreuil
    76000 Rouen

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  • Criticism

    Born in Périers, near Coutances, in Manche, Noël Lemoine has no less than studied under Sergent, Toublanc and Duparc, who are big names among the teachers at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Rouen. This led the primary school teacher to become a visual arts teacher for over thirty years, during which time he also made a name for himself as a painter and sculptor, to the great benefit of the region of Normandy. His career has included founding the Salon of Petit Couronne and the workshop Géricault, and being guest of honour; that’s over fifty years of exhibitions and prestigious salons. Noël Lemoine’s success stems from his perfect mastery of different techniques, and his cheerful willingness to distinguish his style and interestingly seek the intensity of a contemporary artform that is refined and respectful, and far from the absurdity of fashion. With Noël Lemoine, everything is about shape, light and freedom in harmonious renewal, from his nudes to his landscapes that are subject to his passion for a generous informal style that is in turn balanced, and perfectly legible. The same can be said of his sculptures which, either modeled or carved directly into the stone, are surprisingly expressive and sensual, and the fine sensibility of which never precludes unforgettable beauty.

    André RUELLAN, art critic


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