Françoise BLIGNY - Peinture, Figuratif
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Françoise BLIGNY

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    Art(s) : Painting.
    Mouvement(s) : Figurative.

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    Rés. St Nicolas - 33 rue Couronné
    76230 Bois Guillaume
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  • Criticism

    If there is one artist who, aside from all the conventions, schools of thought and trends, profoundly loves painting, it is certainly Françoise BLIGNY, no question! After having practiced drawing, water-colour, and then oil-painting on her own, she devoted herself to pastels, associating their practical nature with a style that is perfectly adapted to she who exhibits regularly at the salons of the northern plateau of Rouen and the exhibitions along the coastline of the Pays de Caux area. Gifted with a fine creative temperament, and an attractive liveliness of spirit, Françoise BLIGNY is able to find the effective medium through which to convey her incontestable personality. Indeed, whether through still-lifes, floral compositions or landscapes, where a captivating velvety smoothness, inherent to pastels, predominates, the artist masters her use of colours, infusing light through deep perspectives while at the same time expressing with flare the evanescence of flowers and the curious fluidity in the scenery, especially noticeable in her atmospheric snowscapes.

    André RUELLAN, art critic


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