Loïc GESNOUIN - Peinture, Abstrait
banniere FR RU


  • portrait
    Born in 1960

    Art(s) : Painting.
    Mouvement(s) : Abstract.

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    21 rue des Quatre Moulins
    50600 Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët

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  • Criticism

    What fine painting this is! Loïc GESNOUIN's pieces are wholly steeped in appeal and emotion. And that is indeed true recognition of the talent of an artist who, as non-formal as he may be in his choice of style, moves and enthralls us with his manner and technique. He conveys hosts of effects, dreams, and imaginary worlds as his mood and inspiration take him. Although still a young painter (but does one not remain a young painter up to one's dying breath?), Loïc Gesnouin has a solid experience in pictorial technique, and his mastery of the use of masses, colours and light gives him the freedom to work as he pleases, overturning the usual points of reference to better direct the observer, leading him and ultimately winning him over. The material is superb, the brushstroke true to the artist's spirit, and the rhythm powerfully established through the creation of effects of light. Compositions range from quasi-romantic pieces with bold lyrics, to limpid evocations made of clear monochromes. These possess an elegance that is as generous as the warm and more active harmonies found in his mysterious songs, all of which are born of an exemplary palette.

    André RUELLAN, art critic


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