Christelle LIDON-ESVAN - Peinture, Figuratif

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Christelle LIDON-ESVAN

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    Art(s) : Painting
    Mouvement(s) : Figurative

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    823 avenue Massenet
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  • Criticism

    You are beginning to know me now: however fractious I may be with regards to approximation, I am delighted to analyse the desires and bold ideas of contemporary or abstract painters. And I never object to advocating the pleasure I take in scrutinising the good figurative artists in whom I discern, understand and observe motivation and an honest originality. And it is the latter emotion I perceive as I discover the works of Christelle Lidon-Esvan, whose refined taste for drawing has led her to create a painting style that is not only incontestably figurative, but above all full of life and atmosphere. Her characters’ energy compliments the fine analysis of the surrounding nature, which the artist portrays with calm yet tremendous efficiency both in terms of the quality of the composition and the charming modesty of her colour blends, the subtleties of which she has retained from the National School of Fine Arts of Caen. The artist conceives, presents and teaches her painting in her workshop in Courseulles-sur-Mer, where she brightened up the new permanent carousel with her poetic and picturesque talent, in the great decorative tradition of old, and in good taste, too. Christelle Lidon-Esvan successfully personifies the reassuring fullness of her motifs and flowers, as well as the serene harmony of her perspectives. Yet first and foremost, she represents her subjects’ understanding and intelligence, revealing and conveying their beauty, but also, and above all, their intrinsic, delicate and attractive appeal.

    André RUELLAN, art critic


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