Christelle GUILLEMINE - Peinture, Abstrait
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    Art(s) : Painting
    Mouvement(s) : Abstract

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  • Criticism

    Originally from Orne in Normandy, Christelle Guillemine can claim to knowing how to handle paint and pigments without having had either a model or master, which is quite remarkable today. She readily admits that she refers to no school or movement. And as figurative art has never appealed to her, abstraction is her means of self-expression. Having moved to Caen, Normandy, several years ago, she now regularly participates in exhibitions all over France, especially Paris, and even Monte-Carlo. Christelle Guillemine has always felt the need to create. Discovering the work of Wassily Kandinsky was a turning point, prompting a visual and emotional shock that struck a chord within her, one that resounds with every one of her own compositions. Painting is very natural for her, and this is reflected in the spontaneity of her artwork. The artist invites us to escape reality, and while each canvas aims to capture the fleeting beauty of this world, the resulting abstraction irresistibly draws us into a more cosmic dimension, in a permanent quest for perfect balance. The airy compositions are a play on symmetry and light, and generate a sensation of lightness, one that is heightened in monochromes thanks to the use of harmonious calligraphic lines. With broad brushstrokes, Christelle Guillemine works the medium to reveal a range of textures in extremely rich bursts of colour. At times the hues shimmer with fire, at others black and white adjoin areas of uniform grey picked out in a few dots of bright colour. Christelle Guillemine’s artwork draws us into a symphonic universe, one that is intimate, mysterious and reinvented to the rhythm of the creator’s own inner resonances. It is a veritable “explosion of emotions”, inviting us to surrender to contemplation and to embark on an inner journey.

    Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Historian of Art


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