Pascal BOILLOD - Peinture, Figuratif
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    Art(s) : Painting.
    Mouvement(s) : Figurative.

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    Avenue de Grande Bretagne
    66000 Perpignan
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  • Criticism

    Trained at the Printing School of Rennes and the Estienne School in Paris, Pascal Boillod developed a passion for art at an early age, and especially for drawing, which he has enjoyed since he was a boy. He began painting at the age of 27. This entirely self-taught artist enriched his style and techniques with painter Roger Rocher from Alençon (Normandy), and the two became friends. His first gallery exhibition was in Alençon at the age of 34. Figurativism is a conscious choice for Pascal Boillod, since it is the world around him, and nature in particular, that interests him. Whilst his landscapes, which represent the majority of his work, are worth a second look, he also paints fine still-lifes. His wildlife art is matchless, and the same is true of his ink and red-chalk drawings, for these media allow him to sketch beautiful portraits and to reproduce the animal kingdom with great realism. In straightforward, poetic and harmonious compositions, he conveys this kingdom with sobriety and no surprises, revealing a confident and supple brushstroke and a flowing, bright and colourful palette. His work is not, however, a mere reflection of reality. It is a reinterpretation of nature on the part of the painter, one which evokes a wide range of feelings, from the softness and serenity of a country or wooded path, to a brilliant sunset or the turmoil of a stormy sea. The world of Pascal Boillod reveals all of life’s charms in endearingly simple paintings.

    Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Historian of Art


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