Myriam PIÉPLU-PRÉVEL - Sculpture, Autres
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    Art(s) : Sculpture.
    Mouvement(s) : Various.

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    8 bis rue des Écoles
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  • Criticism

    Originally from Caen, Myriam Piéplu-Prével acquired a sound training in Applied Arts and Ceramic Design. Having gained good professional experience in tableware design, she decided in 2017 to devote herself to creating artworks that were unique. Myriam Piéplu-Prével chooses to work with dark clay to create imposing sculptures whose expressions are ever varying. Her creative instinct guides her as she seeks to convey, through the intermediary of her female faces, the timelessness of women in all its aspects. This results in inventive and very accomplished works which exude vitality. First moulded on the wheel, then enhanced by modelling, each face comes to life thanks to a sparse palette of usually black, red and white. The effect is completed by the subtle use of engraving, which complements the composition. The range of female portraits the artist has modelled is vast. “Les Grandes Filles” (“The Big Girls”) are originally inspired by photos of family members whose personalities the sculptor has reinvented to create character studies. Her sources of inspiration are manifold. “There are as many faces as there are landscapes,” explains the artist. Her work therefore concerns women all over the world. Myriam Piéplu-Prével’s work is very novel. Simple and full of poeticism, it borders on the magical through its strong stylisation and formal beauty. This artist no doubt has more surprises in store.

    Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Historian of Art


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